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Vintage Hand Carved Lucky Mano Figa Wooden Sculpture

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This gorgeous fist sculpture is a Symbol of protection femininity and more .

Beautifully hand carved smooth Figa. The Figa has a long history and symbolism. The gesture of the thumb protruding between the pointer finger and middle finger has a variety of different meanings dating back nearly 8,000 years. In Africa, the number 5 is special to the Maasai and the letter "T" in American sign language and "got your nose" to a young child. The specific symbolism to the carving known as the Mano Figa originates in Etruscan Italy. Mano means hand and Figa means fig, and may refer to sex, fertility, virility and good times. Later the symbol began to be produced in South America. Now it is considered a symbol of protection against the evil eye.

Measures 9" in height x 2-1/4" across x 2-1/2" (across the base).

In beautiful, handmade condition.