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MCM Teak Wood and Woven Shade 3 Pendant Ceiling LIght

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Beautiful dark wood against textured cream fibre, this ceiling light is really unique and beautifully simple.

Top piece has a 9-1/4" drop to the middle piece. This middle piece measures 14" across x 1/4" in width and has a further 12" drop

Cones measure 12-1/2" in height x 7" across the bottom. They hang from an 11-1/2" piece of cord.

From the ceiling to the bottom of the cones, is 28".

Hangs from a small hook on the inside of the top cone.

Will come with 3 led lightbulbs

Please look at the photos. They are part of the article description.

DISCLAIMER: Sunday Resotraion is not responsible for any electrical mishaps due to use of antique/vintage pieces.