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MCM 6 and Half Foot Tall Sapphire Aluminum Christmas Tree with Colour Wheel

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Ok, so perhaps you've seen the 4-foot versions of these beautiful trees. You've also seen the scraggly versions of these trees. Have you ever seen the 6-1/2 foot tall, full version of these trees WITH colour wheel?!?!?

This is a really special piece that has been treasured for years and has many more years of wonderment and fun to come.

Stand (2 pieces) measures 65" Tall (1.66 meters or 5.4 feet tall).
With the lead (top branch) installed, this measures 80" tall (2.03 meters or 6.6 feet tall).
Width at the bottom is 54"
Branches come in the following banded packages:
lead branch (x1)
14" x 14
16" x 19
18" x 17
20" x 15
20" x 14
22" x 16
22" x 16
24" x 17
24" x 16
Total of 145

Some things to note:
1. The tree and wheel will be shipped in their original boxes and inside another box. For this reason, the stand will come disassembled (that bottom part particularly).
2. There is some wear to the original box, the original instructions, the brown paper branch bands and branch cartons. They are however all present. In some cases, I have glued the original packaging onto new brown paper to keep the structural integrity intact.
3. The colour wheel works beautifully but will need a nudge to start rotating
4. The branches are all present but I would say 95% of them have tape on the bottom. This is not noticeable when in use and helps to keep the aluminum where it should be
5. I believe this is the pom pom variety but in some cases, the pom has lost its rounded end.

Please feel free to ask any questions before purchasing.