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Antique Cream Ceramic Table Lamp Shade Not Included

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Great shape, versatile size and an incredibly consistent amount of crazing all over. I don't now if this was intentional or due to age but it's really striking.

In good working order (wiring has been updated), and includes harp and top hardware.

14-1/2" in height up to the socket (21" to the harp and 23-1/2" to the top of the harp). 4" across the base.

In lovely condition, but a couple of things to note:
1. There’s is a small crack at the very back with the glaze chipped off
2. That harp is fixed on
3. Every inch of this is has crazing, which I personally think it part of its charm
4. The paint on the finial is chipped

Please note, does not include shade.

Disclaimer: Sunday Restoration is not responsible for any electrical mishaps.